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I am currently working on a book in two volumes with the materials from my translation and production of Euripides’ Andromache. The play was supposed to open at the Minor Latham Playhouse (Barnard) on April 2, 2020, but was cancelled because of the pandemic.

(vol. 1)

Euripides’ Andromache

Volume 1 is the booklet I made for the original musical album by Alejandro Kauderer.


(vol. 2)

Welcome Home!––We’re not staging a tragedy

Vol. 2 is what we are doing with the tragedy since we couldn’t stage it. (Currently in progress. It will be out in October 2020.)

*Each book is hand made, numbered, and signed.

*The original production of Euripides’ Andromache was funded by the Barnard-Columbia Ancient Drama Group through the Mathew Kramer Fund. Vol. 1 was produced independently from Barnard and Columbia by Cristina Pérez Díaz and Alejandro Kauderer. Vol. 2 is being produced with the support of a Stavros Niarchos Foundation Public Humanities Initiative summer grant and of an Classics Everywhere mini-grant from the Society for Classical Studies.